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Richmond Engine Company #1 is a volunteer fire department located in Staten Island, New York City. It is one of the oldest and most respected volunteer fire departments in Staten Island, and it has a rich history dating back to the late 1800s. The department was formed by a group of local residents in 1903 who recognized the need for fire protection in their community. The volunteers of the department were responsible for purchasing their own equipment, and they were trained in firefighting techniques by the New York City Fire Department.

Throughout its history, Richmond Engine Company #1 has played an important role in protecting the lives and property of the residents of Staten Island. The department has responded to thousands of emergencies, from small fires to large-scale disasters. The department has evolved over the years, and now it is equipped with modern firefighting equipment and technology, and its members are trained to the highest standards.

Richmond Engine Company #1 is an integral part of the Staten Island community, and it continues to provide vital services to the residents of Richmondtown . The department is staffed by dedicated volunteers who are committed to protecting their community from the threat of fire and other emergencies. They also participate in community events, and they are active in promoting fire safety education.

Richmond Engine Company #1 has a long and proud history of serving the Staten Island community and protecting its residents from the threat of fire. Despite the many challenges it has faced over the years, it has always risen to the occasion and demonstrated its commitment to public service.

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“A member of Richmond Engine will have the fulfillment and satisfaction of helping the Staten Island community in a time of need by providing emergency services and also education by giving back to the citizens of Staten Island!”

Our firehouse fosters camaraderie amongst our members instilling pride in the volunteer fire service. New members receive firefighter as well as life-saving required classes always keeping up to date with the latest procedures, making them ready to serve when called upon.

Services We Offer

The mission of Richmond Engine Co 1 is to provide a professional level of first responders to fires, public safety, medical emergencies, and disasters to the citizens of Staten Island. Members belong to FASNY (Firefighters Association of the State of New York). As members of FASNY, we are provided with training and education programs, FASNY Federal Credit Union, Scholarships, Volunteer Firefighter Cancer Benefit Program, and an accidental death and dismemberment program. FASNY membership is provided by Richmond Engine Co 1.

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